The idea of building a company called Accordable Corporate Solutions originated in the 2009 by Mr. Amit Tiwari(Group President and CEO, Accordable Corporate Solutions) while working as a Area Sales Manager in a Outsourcing Company in Gurgaon, India, which offered services like as diverse as like Developing software for Call centers, HR Pay roll software in the same company .The facility of providing a single location for various Backend services and doing business formed the foundation for multiple services idea behind Accordable Corporate Solutions.

Accordable Corporate Solutions showed it presence in market in 2009, by providing services like 'Data Processing '. Later, Data Entry customers asked to provide the services like HR Manpower on the site which led us to the launch of 'HR Manpower Services', as our second service .As time pass Clients asked us to do the Back Ground Verification of the employees provided by us to make sure they are not belong from any negative history. After which we added the services of Third Party Verification for our existing clients and new clients too. Further we added a Sales force for one of our client which led us to add the Customer Care Services. As we can see all the initial services was customer driven. As we grw in the market and gain the experience in these services ACS added specialized solutions in Industries like Banking & Insurance, Real Estate, Information Technology, E- Commerce , Media and many more.

Today, Accordable Corporate Solutions and its sister organizations have more than 162 employees working across Pan India and serving the business needs of 46 clients across nation.


Our service miniature features a comprehensive strategy: by selecting economical cities around the Nation and calculating their workforce capability and business status, we can delight the requirements of our customers at the best possible prices. We have strategically located our Branches across the Nation - in Faridabad, Noida and Thane- to provide consistent, quality service to our customers, with redundancies in place to ensure continuity of business and the ability to handle spikes in workload and seasonal fluctuations.

Accordable Corporate Solutions workforce has a variety of skilled and intelligent individuals with major domain knowledge, from graduates to postgraduate engineers to business managers. Our customers enjoy the advantages of our 99% success rate in project handling. Accordable Corporate Solutions teams offer plug-and-play benefits with mitigated risk, accountability, transparency and a single point of contact.

With a united experience of over 22 years in the global IT industry, Insurance Industry, Sales Industry and Back End Industry we have the proficiency and the know-how to serve custom- made solutions to enterprises worldwide. Our process of providing the services starts with getting the point of customer requirements, documenting customer processes, evaluating customer goals and developing a customized training program for customer-specific processes. We then shift to the second step of specific processes to global locations without dropping the ball, establishing quality metrics, tracking performance and reporting progress-resulting in excellent customer service and satisfaction levels that create loyalty and enhance your brand.

Here is a list of our durability that separates us from our supplement:

  • Fast project turnaround time
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Strict adherence to International quality standards
  • Expertise in executing customized project requirements to perfection (short-term as well as long-term)
  • Significant increase in business revenue and productivity
  • A dedicated Project Management, Transitions and Customer Engagement team available 24 hours a day
  • Vast domain knowledge and outsourcing expertise across multiple domains
  • Presence of multi-lingual and multi-specialty team with excellent communication skills
  • Strategic delivery locations to exploit the latest technology to its full potential



President & Group CEO

Mohit Mishra, true to his name, is a dreamer, visionary and a strategist. He would do whatever it takes to translate his dreams into a reality. He has over 25 years of Industry experience in transforming strategy into operational excellence.

He has this unique ability to attract the best talent, and engage with them to create global leadership teams which drive the global Accordable Corporate Solutions dream. He is very hands on and engages with employees at all levels, and empowers them to maximize their capability.

Mohit Mishra has the ability to look at the Technology, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Visualization landscape and stich them together to provide practical solutions that bring value to keep Accordable Corporate Solutions in the bleeding edge of the Big Data Revolution, moving into the 21st century.

He speaks multiple languages and enjoys global cuisine, (he is an ardent foodie). He loves travel and adventure.


CEO, Business Solutions

Shobit Mishra has been in the IT and ITES industry for over 24 years. He graduated with a degree in Electronics and a post graduate degree in Business Administration. Prior to Accordable Corporate Solutions, he worked in a senior management capacity with leading Software Development, IT training and consultancy firms across India and the Middle East. He has been responsible for setting up and running offices and delivery centers across India.

A people person, he inspires and nurtures people to achieve their full potential. An idealist and a tenacious individual, he believes in getting the job done and lives by his personal motto "The difficult can be done, the impossible takes a little longer". He is known for his intense curiosity and desire to learn, and has a wide range of interests.

Always ready for the next challenge, Shobit Mishra has been responsible for establishing and growing several service lines within Accordable Corporate Solutions.


CEO, Global Shared Services

Ved Bhardwaj comes with 35 years of experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry, plus a decade long expertise in the ITES sector. A mechanical engineer, he has served in senior management capacities in Advertising Agencies and Marketing consultancies in India and the Middle East. He has functioned in Strategic roles in building brands and has worked across domains from Automobile and FMCG to IT and ITES segments.

Ved Bhardwaj specializes in building service lines on a 3600 plan, managing stakeholders across domains as varied as Design and Development, Engineering services, Research & Data services, and Video & Animation.

Ved Bhardwaj is an 'Ideas specialist' and can envision solutions rapidly.

A quick learner, Ved Bhardwaj over the last 8 years moved seamlessly to lead Finance, Operations and Sales Management, from Managing Brands and Campaigns as a Creative Director earlier.

A people person and an avid political analyst, Ved Bhardwaj focuses on social projects across India. He believes that 'giving' is as important as 'earning'.



Mansha Nischal personifies our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to offer high-quality services enhancing customer satisfaction. With an experience of over 10 years, Mansha Nischal has brought tremendous innovation and efficiency in maximizing the performance of Accordable Corporate Solutions's technology team and platforms. During her tenure, she has also helped in defining Accordable Corporate Solutions's marketing vision by applying a data-driven approach to collecting, integrating and analyzing marketing data, and leveraging it to improve customer acquisition and retention.

She has vast experience in a variety of industries such as Architecture, GIS, Internet Marketing, Software Development, E-commerce, Analytics, and Big Data.

Working with Accordable Corporate Solutions will grant you to open the gates of your company t a vivid range of expertise services across distinct business and verticals. What else, we bring over 7 years of experience saving you adored time in calculating vendor efficiency, conferring contracts and sorting out legal and conformity. We actively stand for our origin values of honesty, harmony and quality to build abiding partnerships that hold off in difficult time.